Monday, July 12, 2010

Kiss kiss

Because I left home to join the military just over a year after high school (and high school in Quebec ends at grade 11), I left my home province at a very young age and missed out on some of the subtle cultural differences that make Quebec different from the rest of Canada for adults.

Most people know about the unique language situation, the culinary specialties and the European flair and architecture that sets Quebec apart. But one thing that snuck up on me as I have returned to visit my original homeland (listen to me - homeland) is the unique way Quebecers greet each other. Greetings in Quebec usually take the form of a kiss on each cheek (except men to men.... unless perhaps I missed something). This tradition isn't common in other parts of Canada. I imagine French Quebecers have greeted each other like this forever. Now Anglophones seem to do it as well. I did not notice this among the English community growing up. I like it. It's very....... chic.

Other Quebec differences:
  • Poutine. Nay nay...... I'm talking about the real deal.
  • Beer and wine is sold in grocery and convenience stores.
  • Montreal Smoked Meat. Again, the real deal folks - keep your counterfeit meat away.
  • Montreal bagels. On par with New York bagels I'd say.
  • They're mad about pate.
  • Cabane a sucres. Maple syrup lover`s paradise.
  • The huge artistic community.
  • The festivals.
  • The hockey.
  • The history (Quebec doesn't look like it was erected this decade).
  • The white elephants (Mirabel airport, Olympic Stadium).
  • The fashion.


Anonymous said...

what kind of meat is in montreal smoked meat?

Karl Plesz said...

Smoked meat is fatty smoked beef brisket with spices. It is similar to, but quite different from pastrami.