Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weeding out the excuses

I find it interesting that the City of Calgary is complaining about how tough it is to control the dandelion outbreak this spring, yet they insist that residents must control weeds on their own property with no room for excuses.

Don't they realize that in many cases, the reason residential lawns even have weeds is because the city hasn't done anything to control weed growth on their own properties? I feel that if they can come up with excuses (valid ones at that) on why their property can have weeds, then there should be no bylaw regarding weed control on residential property either - especially considering the existing ban on certain chemicals.

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Retro Blog said...

What, may I ask, is wrong with dandelions? Makes great wine, are edible in a salad,where is the green movement up thar? Well except for people who have allergies, and suffer the weed will outlast us and may hold the secret to immortality. So,there.