Monday, April 26, 2010

Kraftwerk in the palm of your hand

If you own an iPhone and you're a fan of electronic music, you are going to go gaga over an iPhone application called Bebot. This funky little app puts a few electronic voices in the palm of your hand, including (for reals) a theremin! I was making Star Trek scene background music for my own entertainment the other day - what a riot. But the preset voices aren't all. You can design your own voice based on some simple synth controls. It's almost like having a mini-Moog..... and I do mean 'mini'. You can add effects, looping is possible and the scales can be modified... on the fly!

There's one voice called "syntharp" that could easily be from the band Kraftwerk. I can compose awesome little ditties with ease. I can't wait until Olivia tries this out. It's so easy to play.

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