Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Message to Ann Coulter:

So... remember how you once said that Canada should be lucky America allows it to exist on the same continent? You're such a laugh riot Ann. After all, your incendiary monologue is to be taken as humour. Parody. Satire. Right?

Well, when we said you should watch what you say in Canada because we don't tolerate hate speech, that was satire too. Get it? And the threat of egging and tomato-ing you in Ottawa? Parody!

Note to self: If Canada ever considers attacking America, it seems some Americans are scared silly of omelettes.

Most Canadians are too busy cowering in their igloos trying not to offend America, to bothering starting a violent protest against a self-proclaimed 'comedienne'.

Have fun in Calgary on Thursday. We real funny out here......


Luc Legault said...


you known what amaze me most????It is the fact that Canadian people actually buy tickets to go see this things they call comic?????? I am also please that she keeps up my appreciation of the USA people...which is not very high! Only in America do you vote againts medicare where the poor may be getting insurance at a good cost.....

Just my two cents!

Karl Plesz said...

I know man. She excels in ruffling feathers. But she's not the least bit funny.

Anonymous said...

They bill her as a comic? Really?
She's a mean shrew!

Anonymous said...

Someone has to say it

Decent Rack