Thursday, March 25, 2010

CAR!!!....... COPS!!!

In Montreal, where hockey is a religion of equal status to the ones practised in church, there is a suburb. In this suburb, there is a bylaw making it illegal to play street hockey (or any sport for that matter) in the street.

Commence head shaking now.

Now, the good news (if there is such a thing in the context of this story), is that you would only get fined if someone complained about your street hockey game. Which some lady did. A father, who was playing street hockey in the only place deemed worthy of the game and the name, was fined $75 for not backing down when the authorities came. He's fighting the fine.

When I was growing up in Montreal (or a suburb of Montreal - Deux Montagnes to be exact), street hockey was a right. It was also a rite.

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