Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The fax of life

Dear Technology Gods,

It seems you have allowed a veritable dinosaur to survive and roam the halls - for no logical reason. I speak of course of the ancient fax machine.

Can we please retire this archaic piece of technology once and for all? Yes, I realize it's the only legal way to send documents with signatures (or so a lawyer told me), but we simply need to get rid of it. Too many times I have been asked to fax something that could just as easily been emailed, but that option was not only denied, it was downright poo-pooed. Why?

Listen folks, anything that can be altered in a scan or a picture or an electronic document is just as tamper-able in a faxed document. Also, fax machines tend to (in my experience - apologies if yours are different) print with less quality, be finicky, require replacement ink more often, are subject to receiving junk faxes and many more examples of lameness. Wanna look the exact opposite of cool? Pick up that handy phone handset on the side of a fax machine and place a call. I dare you to make sure human witnesses are present. You'll.never.live.it.down.

Sorry Sir, I have no fax machine, I have no fax number. I've managed to integrate myself with 21st century technology, thank you very much. When you learn how to save an attachment, let me know.

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