Thursday, December 24, 2009

Your thoughts on the winter tire debate?

There’s a lot of discussion going on right now about people not having the appropriate tires on their car during the winter driving season. There have been a number of ideas floating around to help solve the issue. I invite my readers to weigh in with their choice of the following solutions (or their own idea):
  • Make it a law to have winter tires on all vehicles by a certain date every year.
  • Offer an insurance discount to those who have winter tires on their vehicle.
  • Allow police to fine drivers who are involved in an accident that do not have suitable tires on their vehicle.
  • None of the above - drivers have the right to use whatever tires they want.
What do you think?


Brian said...

Putting winter tires on a car does not change bad driving habits. People will think they can drive like it's summer.

As for getting around in snow, try low gear.


Anonymous said...

Take it from a professional driver, winter tire make a big difference. It is not idiot proof, it is just the right tool for the right job. This whole debate remind me of the seat belt one, would you think of driving without one ? People are coming out with all kind of reason as to why not using them instead of stating the obvious, It's winter !!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure winter tires are great but I don't think they should be a substitute for proper snow clearing of our city streets. The City of Calgary should be embarrassed of their lack of skills/resources when it comes to snow clearing. Calgary could learn a lot from it's little cousin, Winnipeg. (They get much more snow and no one worries about having winter tires there)