Saturday, December 19, 2009

If this happened to me a lot, I'd be worried

I'm inventing a new phrase, assuming it hasn't been coined already, based on something I experience from time to time:

Word Blind -noun Pathology.

Have you ever looked at a word that you just wrote on your computer screen and it just doesn't look right? It's usually a word you've used before, often many times. But this time, something appears wrong with it and you just can't put your finger on it. You may even go as far as to look it up or spell check it to make sure you spelled it correctly. And your research may even prove that the word is fine, but still you are suspicious - it's like you're seeing the word for the first time. That happens to me sometimes. This morning it was the name Rebecca.
P.S.: It looks fine now.... the bout of word blindness has passed. But 15 minutes ago when I was writing an earlier post, my brain played tricks on me.

Update: It turns out that word blindness or alexia was already coined. Silly me. I must have seen the word in this post and not recognized it...... ironic?

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