Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[hanging and shaking my head]

Would someone care to explain to me why dozens of world leaders and their entourages even bothered to go to Copenhagen, considering what they accomplished while they were there? Was there some kind of magic bong that everyone took a hit from that made them completely not give a crap about the point of the meeting?

I will officially go on record as saying that I never been so embarrassed to be Canadian as I was this week, the way our country was represented at those negotiations. Our government had no intention of accomplishing anything of substance while they were there. It has become quite clear to me that the oil economies of the world are now firmly entrenched in their stance of exploiting the world's oil and gas supply until the bitter end, with no plan to reduce emissions nor find a suitable alternative for carbon fuels until the last minute. Damn the environment. Damn the future. It's not our problem. Worse, there are enough sheep who actually believe that world climate change is a myth (like evolution), based on the fact that parts of the world still experience winter.

I'm also rolling my eyes at the ridiculous argument that as long as countries like China and India are polluting the planet like ignorant punks, that we shouldn't go out of our way to do anything either. That's like saying that the smart kids in class shouldn't bother studying or paying attention as long as the slackers at the back are acting up.

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Bernie May said...

It has been postulated that you're not allowed to call yourself an intellectual unless you believe in the theory of evolution. You can be read on the topic, you can be interested, but you can't be an intellectual.

I think we can add "global warming" and the "theory of gravity" to that list.

I heard the argument on the "Skeptics Guide to the Universe" podcast.