Monday, September 28, 2009

Washing dishes using only steam

Dishwashers are relatively eco-friendly in their use of water and energy, but they still could be better. The Steam Dishwasher is a counter top design good enough for a small family. It uses pressurized steam to dislodge food particles on dishes and sanitize them at the same time. A hearty rinse after the cleaning process gives you squeaky clean dishes - with no detergent!

But it's even better. The water used in the steam and rinsing is collected in the recycling bay and using Membrane Technology, the grime and food particles are separated from the water. The clean water is recycled to be used again for the next wash. Contaminated water, too harsh for reusing is discarded and only then does the machine get more fresh water. Sanitized dishes, no soap, less water used - that's a good combination.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that the engineers could whip up a steamer to insert inside current dishwasher models. Think about it, it would save sending current models prematurely to landfill and the dish washing detergent people will take a hit. Besides the table top model is TOO SMALL!! R