Friday, September 25, 2009

It's a marathon of laughter

[Update - This is a repost to remind everyone hungry for some witty entertainment, even in the wee hours of Saturday morning, to come out and support this fun marathon. Trouble sleeping Friday night? You know where to go.....]

The Loose Moose Improv Theatre Company is putting on a 30 hour improvisation marathon. That's not a typo - 30 hours of improv greatness. It starts at 6pm Friday September 25th and ends around midnight Saturday September 26th.

Each hour of the marathon will consist of 50 minutes of performance followed by a 10 minute break. Over the 30 hours, a wide range of improvisation formats will be utilized, including some that are well known to Moose audiences, such as Theatresports, Gorilla Theatre, and Micetro Impro; as well as unique formats created specifically for this 30 hour challenge such as The Breakfast Show (for the early risers) and Bowchikabow (for the late night crowd).

So whether you want to stay as long as you can or you just want to stop in randomly in the middle of the night, you will receive priceless entertainment at a very reasonable cost.

Friday 6-8pm: $10 / $8 students
Friday 8-10pm: $12 / $10 students
Friday 10-12am: $10 / $8 students
Saturday 12am-12noon: $10
Saturday 12noon-6pm: $8
Saturday 6-8pm: $10 / $8 students
Saturday 8pm-12am: $14 / $12 students

All 30 hours: $30
Friday 10pm onward: $25
Saturday 12noon onward: $20

Watch the Loose Moose web site for a full schedule which is now published. I will likely be dropping in late Friday for as long as I can stay awake and will be working Saturday night 6-9pm. Hope to see you there........

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