Thursday, September 24, 2009

Host a party! To celebrate the launch of Windows 7!

Maybe you've heard - Microsoft will be releasing a new version of Windows soon. Windows 7 is going to be less of a change than XP was to Vista, but will likely fix a lot of what's wrong with Vista performance-wise, while introducing some new features.

Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, have decided the best way to help roll out their new product is to encourage people to host a Windows 7 launch house party with demos of Windows 7 features and such. Here's a group of actors pretending to discuss how awesome that would be.

Who comes up with these brilliant ideas anyway? If I were to host such a party, I'd be surprised if anyone showed up. I'd have to lie and just say I was having a BBQ. But as soon as the guests realized what was going on, they'd probably leave and vow never to come back again.

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