Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bicycle superhighways

Here's something you'll never read about a North American city: "[Name of city] is planning to expand the existing, extensive network of bike lanes to extend farther out into the suburbs. A network of 13 high-class routes - 'bicycle superhighways' - dedicated to bicycle commuters and aimed at encouraging more to cycle to work."

But this is what's happening in Copenhagen. 500,000 people (55% of its citizens) cycle to work or school. The new bike routes will have the following features:

- Smooth, even surfaces kept clear of leaves, ice and snow.
- As direct as possible with no detours.
- Signage and trademark blue bike lanes through larger intersections.
- 'Service stations' with air and tools along the routes.
- Designed to attain a high speed and with sufficient width to overtake other cyclists.
- Safe and quick crossing priority for cyclists when they approach cross streets.
- Green Wave for cyclists through sections with frequent stop lights. (The Green Wave is in place on three main routes into Copenhagen already. Cycle 20 km/h and you hit green lights all the way)

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