Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He said "Well, I don't want to see myself all over the internet"

The fun in the UK with regards to police strong-arming the public about filming them continues:

"The mobile phone clip shows two uniformed police officers searching her boyfriend by a wall in the station. Atkinson said she felt that police had unfairly targeted him, who did not have drugs in his possession, and decided to film the officers in order to hold them to account.

Seconds later, an undercover officer wearing jeans and a black jacket enters the shot, and asks Atkinson: "Do you realize it is an offence under the Terrorism Act to film police officers?" He then adds: "Can you show me what you you just filmed?"

Atkinson stopped filming and placed her phone in her pocket. According to her account of the incident, the officer tried several times to forcefully grab the phone from her pocket. Failing to get it, he called over two female undercover officers. Atkinson said he solicited their help getting the camera and told them where it was."

After officers made calls to the police station, the handcuffs were removed and Atkinson was released."

Hey Mr. Policeman. How did you make out not seeing yourself all over the internet?

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