Thursday, February 26, 2009

Talking about work online not typically a good idea

A 16 year old girl working for a marketing and logistics company in the UK posted that her job was boring on her Facebook page. Someone at her company saw the comment and she was fired.

As one person who weighed in said, "Most employers wouldn't dream of following their staff down the pub to see if they were sounding off about work to their friends." Once again, applications of the internet bring up a great debate topic. Do companies have a right to be snooping on personal web sites looking for dirt? Shouldn't people be treating online social networking as the equivalent of posting your personal information on a giant public bulletin board?

I guess it's no surprise that I do not post anything about my job on here, eh?

Another Ernest contribution.

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Anonymous said...

I stay off the subject of work, that's probably why I don't post as regular as I'd like. If I wanted to bitch about work, I'd have a totally anonymous blog.