Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Because they can....

You know TicketMaster - the folks who manage ticket sales for everything from concerts to sporting events? They also has an affiliated website called 'TicketsNow', who have come under fire for blatantly over-inflating ticket prices for the same events TicketMaster sells tickets for. In some cases, they're selling tickets even before TicketMaster is selling them. They've been described as 'legal scalpers'.

In the most recent episode, tickets to Leonard Cohen in concert with a face value of $99 to $250 were being sold on for anywhere from $568 to $856, plus a service of charge ranging from $85 to $128 per ticket.

This was a joint Ernest / Karl contribution.


Anonymous said...

Yup... it sux!!

I just paid $549.00 each for 2 Leonard Cohen tickets!! Robbery! But it was for Jens birthday so what the heck.


Karl Plesz said...

Holy crap Gord! I mean..... geez!