Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your arteries will tense while you read this post

There's food that might be an indulgence. Then there's food that's not too healthy. Then there's food that would teach your body tolerance. Then there's punishment. Then torture.

Then there's bacon explosion. What is bacon explosion, you ask? Well, it's basically loose Italian pork sausage mixture, wrapped up into a sausage.......

...... with bacon. On the outside. A giant sausage made of a casing of bacon. A woven mat of bacon, encasing loose sausage meat. But wait - there's more. Inside the rolled up bacon and sausage masterpiece is a layer of fried bacon pieces. So what's you've got is essentially a bacon - sausage - bacon - sausage - bacon - sausage roll, wrapped in bacon.

Then BBQ'ed.

[Right now, my friend Joel is likely drooling so much, he's probably slipped and fallen in his own drool]

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