Friday, January 30, 2009

We're back from Vegas!

You'll be wanting to see pictures, no? So here's the first photo album on Facebook. Here's album #2.

This trip certainly went smoother than our last one. No delays. No ground transportation issues. Quick delivery to our hotel. No waiting for our room on check-in. Awesome room!

OK. The room. The Signature Hotel is part of the MGM Grand, but it's situated way at the back corner of the property. Which means it's quiet. That is a good thing. The 3 towers are part of a time-share hotel thing. The suites are of varying sizes - we got the one bedroom suite. It's massive. It's luxurious. Go see the pictures in the first album. Getting to the strip is a bit of a walk. There is a covered walkway with a moving sidewalk leading into the MGM Studio Walk (shopping / restaurants) and casino, but you could also go out the (key access) gated entrance and walk straight down the street to the strip. Only one pool was open at tower one, but you could see the other ones were geting ready to open. They all lit up with ever-changing coloured lights. The private, outdoor areas have fireplaces and heated tents (for the smokers). In tower2, they have a wonderful little Delights cafe, where we had all of our breakfasts.

More of the trip's story in part 2.

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