Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My favourite words of 2008

Not that they were particularly 2008-ish, but they held some meaning to me this year for a variety of reasons.

Monkey: Use it combination with other words to create even better phrases, like the always utilitarian bad monkey; grease monkey; Wall Street monkey; love monkey; and cubicle monkey.
Mac: Because I'm just so fond of Apple products at the moment.
Bailout: See handout or cop out.
Neener neener: The perfect retort when you can't think of anything smart to say.
Coalition: Never has a single word freaked out Conservatives in Canada as much as this one.
Green: It still amazes me that there are people who see this as a bad thing. How can the greening of our planet be bad?

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Anonymous said...

Another word of yours that is having repercussions....I realised when Jess asked me why eye boogers play hockey in Calgary....Heidi