Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Wanna take a bath?"

What could be better than a deep, relaxing, hot bath?

Why, sharing a deep, relaxing, hot bath with other people - that's what..... Here are 10 extraordinary places to take a bath.

I think I'd like to visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Oh look! The title is not only related to the post, but is also music trivia. The question - what song is that phrase said in? name the artist and song. For bonus music trivia geek points - who actually uttered the words in the song (clue: it was not a member of the band)?


Anonymous said...

While those places are interesting, I prefer my baths in a more private setting.
Re. the trivia: I'm pretty sure it was Pink Floyd - I think it was "The Wall" - I'm gonna guess the song was "Young Lust" - I remember it was a woman's voice but I have no clue who said it.

Karl Plesz said...


Mitch is so close he's burning. It is Pink Floyd, it is from the album The Wall. The song is One of My Turns (which precedes Young Lust) and the mystery girl who lends her spoken voice to the track (playing Pink's groupie) is none other than Toni Tennille. Yes - as in The Captain and Tennille. Same person.....