Saturday, November 29, 2008

The next generation of Honda hybrids

I am a Honda / Acura groupie - heck - I've owned 3 Honda motorcycles and 3 Honda / Acura cars throughout my life. So I'm always interested in what's coming down the road from this amazing car company. There are 2 new models in varying degrees of transformation from concept idea to production that ought to turn a few heads.

The car closest to reality, which will probably see the inside of showrooms in the next 4 months is the Prius killer, the re-invented Insight. Honda not only wants to sell this car for less money than the Toyota Prius, I hear they will offer various economy modes, allowing you to absolutely milk the gas saving, energy recouping abilities of their hybrid system. More pictures here.

Then comes the CR-Z. This re-invention of the old, beloved CRX 2 door coupe is billed to be the sporty hybrid and I'm loving the look. Full gallery of photos here. I hear this car may make it onto the streets in 2010. I want one. Oh yes I do.

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