Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm lovin' this....

McDonald's restaurants don't serve the same food all over the world. Some unique offerings you might find include the Greek Mac, the (beef-free) Maharaja Mac, the McKebab. This site has pictures. This site has a lengthy list of curious regional differences across America and further down the page, around the world.

Some highlights: If you're jones-ing for a McRib (usually a limited time offering in North America), head for Germany, where it's available all year long. Poland has the McKielbasa. Green tea flavoured milkshakes can be found in Japan.

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Roughriders Girl said...

I myself had a McIceBurger in Japan... it was a delightful frozen treat featuring a bun surrounding vanilla and chocolate ice creams.... very tasty.

and banana pie in China.... which was also delicious.

I however do not enjoy mcdonalds much here.