Sunday, November 23, 2008

German food is "appetitlich"

Darlene and I were in the mood for dinner out yesterday, but we've just been so unimpressed with the value for money we've been getting recently at some of our (old) favourite haunts.

So we went somewhere we hadn't been in a long time - the Heidelberg Haus Restaurant at the German Canadian Club on 23 ST. NE, just near Barlow Trail. On Saturday night, they have a dinner buffet for $20 per person. That may seem like a lot, but some of the trendier restaurants want close to that just for an entrée and I wasn't really interested in a dish that earlier in the week fell off the back of a Sysco restaurant food supply truck.

We made a great choice to go there. I should have starved myself for a week before going, because all of my favourite foods were there. Beets; red cabbage; pan fried potatoes with onions; cheese spaetzle; baked stuffed chicken breast; beef goulash. I was so full from dinner, I couldn't even contemplate dessert. Me!! No dessert!

Seriously, if you like home-made European food, you owe it to yourself to try this hidden gem of a restaurant. They are even open for lunches during the week if you work nearby.

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