Thursday, July 31, 2008

Too bad it falls on deaf ears

Cory Doctorow, who also contributes to BoingBoing, wrote an excellent article on the absolute irrelevance of the current UK ISP deal made with their music industry. More intelligent discussion on why technology trumps dinosaur business models. My favourite bit:

"Kids are time-rich and cash-poor and have an infinite supply of ingenuity and impecuniousness to apply to the job of getting music for free. Last year, my freshman university students in Los Angeles regaled me with stories of "hard-drive parties" where everyone would gather with guitars, beers and whopping great hard drives that cost less than either the guitars or the beers. While the students jammed, sang and danced, they simply synchronised their drives using whatever laptops were lying around, transferring hundreds of gigabytes' worth of music while composing and recording songs of their own.

It made me wish I was a teenager again: that sounded a lot more fun than painstakingly recording my vinyl to 90-minute cassettes and shyly giving them to girls in the hope of impressing them."

I tell ya, when these bastards (in the entertainment industry) finally fall, they're gonna fall really hard.

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