Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get to Know Karl (answers)

Before I left for vacation, I asked my readers to ask me a question. I got 6 questions. Not bad I guess for a first outing. So here we go:

Retroblog asked: Did Team Ecland take you out to a marvellous micro-brewery?
A: I'm not sure it was a micro-brewery. I don't even remember the name of the place (oops). I do know the signature offering we sampled was truffle-fries. Does that ring a bell?

My friend Bernie asks: Boxers or briefs?
A: Briefs. I have no explanation.

Maxflex asks: Smoked Meat with Orange juice or Cherry Coke or Molson Ex?
A: Well, if those are my only choices I'd have to go with Molson Ex. But my beverage of choice to wash down a Montreal smoked meat sandwich would be good ol' Coca Cola Classic.

Zoom asks: ooo oooo I got one! What is something you never ever ever thought you'd do, but you ended up doing anyway? And are you glad you did it?
A: Gee where do I start? I never thought I'd marry a woman who already had children. But I did. Ecstatic. I never thought I'd try acting / improv. So far very glad I did just in terms of the wonderful people I've met. The actual improv task has yet to formally manifest itself. Soon! I swear!

Taz asks: how many times have you wanted to kill darlene? :)
A: Never! No really! Never. The real question should be 'how many times has Darlene wanted to kill Karl?'

Jim asks: Have you ever had a near death experience?
A: No. When you asked that question, I had to really think long and hard about any dangerous situations and I reminded myself yet again that I've been extraordinarily fortunate. No broken bones. No serious injuries. I got run off the road once while riding my motorcycle, but I jumped to safety. Nothing even approaching near death.

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YAY! Thanks for the fun answers!!