Friday, May 30, 2008

This is who the government wants to protect.....

If you think the entertainment industry is just playing dirty pool with consumers with lawsuits and by lining the pockets of key politicians, guess again. Here's a story about how innocent content distributors are being attacked by the paid online henchmen of the entertainment industry.

I love the closing of the article:

If it can happen to Revision3, it could happen to your business too. We’re simply in the business of delivering entertainment and information – that’s not life or death stuff. But what if MediaDefender discovers a tracker inside a hospital, fire department or 911 center? If it happened to us, it could happen to them too. In my opinion, Media Defender practices risky business, and needs to overhaul how it operates. Because in this country, as far as I know, we’re still innocent until proven guilty – not drawn, quartered and executed simply because someone thinks you’re an outlaw.

Thanks to BoingBoing for the lead.

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