Sunday, May 25, 2008

I feel like ranting.... don't worry - it's part of a healthy lifestyle

I'm all for self-improvement. There is always something we could be doing better. Quitting bad habits, improving our lifestyle, adopting new habits that potentially lead to states of increasing well being, opening our minds to new ideas. I am certainly not pushing the envelope in any respect with my own life changes, but........ you know............. baby steps.

I've been smoke-free for what will be 9 years (in 2 weeks). Hard to believe it's been that long. I ought to reward myself on the 10th anniversary of this feat. I've not lost any weight in the last few years, but I have learned to stop trying to stuff my face as much and I most certainly eat 'better' than I used to. My exercise routine could be better, but my knees can only handle so much. So I've made it my mission to walk much more than ever and that's a positive change. I don't swear as much as I used to - I've tried to tone that down especially in light of the work culture I find myself in and my public face on the intertubes (like this blog). Regardless of the changes I've managed to make in my own life, I try never to impose my beliefs, values or lifestyle on other people and I'm open to discussing anything.

A personality trait becoming more annoying to me with each passing week is when folks try to force their beliefs, values or lifestyle on other people. And by force, I also include those subtle gestures where people poo-poo your beliefs, values or lifestyle as if they are somehow of lesser value than theirs, but you're probably are too dumb to know better.

It's one thing to occasionally offer insight into foods that are better for you to eat. It's another to be someone else's walking diet nazi - counting calories, fat grams, cholesterol and fibre intake to the extreme. Just because you feel it necessary to eat rice cakes and vegetable sweat for lunch because you think your under-nourished body is slightly swollen in places doesn't give you the right to critique other people's food with the disdain normally reserved for crack addicts.

Just because you had success quitting smoking doesn't mean every smoker you know is anxiously awaiting your amazing insight on why they should seriously consider quitting now - even if they're not ready to. Because they're just as aware of the risks associated with smoking, even if they don't act like they are. Maybe smoking is making it easier for them to get through this stage of life and maybe you should just quiet the fuck up. Oops. I just had a little relapse there......

Just because you're a paid, devoted member of whatever faith, association, club, political leaning or whatever, doesn't mean you're perfect, or the example others should live by, or immune from colloquium. Ooooo! I like that word. The best you can hope for is that you live your life by your own rules and allow others to do the same. If your way is so great, others will eventually see that and choose to follow your example - or not.

If there's one thing I've learned (or at least tried to) in my short 47 years in this physical reality we call life - it's that all opinions, lifestyles, belief systems, and values are valid for each person. I am perfectly willing to discuss these opinions, lifestyles, belief systems, and values for what they are - yours........ not mine.

Thank you and have a fabulous day.


Bernie May said...

Amen brother.

58 days.

Carla said...

I believe that was well said.

Jonathan said...

Does that mean you aren't coming to the Scientology meeting with me on Thursday?