Sunday, April 20, 2008

Taxi enigma

Time to hit the road ummm... air on a business trip. Knowing I needed a taxi to the airport Sunday morning, I called to book a taxi in advance. I started calling cab companies as early as Saturday morning, but every number for every company was busy. Constantly. I tried every 30 minutes. Busy. It's as if they had taken their phones off the hook. I kept trying. All day Saturday. All night. Busy. Sunday morning. Busy. I did finally get through to one company and they told me they could not guarantee timely pickup. "What does that mean", I asked. We are very backed up because of the weather. "No - I mean, how late could a taxi be?" They couldn't answer that question.

So I drove and parked at the Sheik al Calgary airport parking garage. I call it that because you need a Sheik's fortune to pay for their rates ($120/week). The odd thing is - at the airport, there were lines of cabs waiting for business. So methinks I knows why you can't get a cab in Calgary right now. They're all at the airport.


Bernie May said...

Park & ride?

Anonymous said...

Thee must maketh friends with cabbies, bribes even. Of course you know you will get home from the airport! Does airport sent shuttles to the house? There's an idear. R

Karl Plesz said...

Bernie: I'm such an infrequent flyer, I always forget about park 'n fly. Especially considering that 'most' times I can get a cab.

R: We have airport shuttles, but they are quite unpredictable in terms of how long it will take to get to the airport based on how many other passengers have to be picked up and the varying degrees of delay involved in waiting for said passengers. If I could be guaranteed to be the last pickup - I'd go for it.