Monday, April 28, 2008

One fave gone... another takes up the slack

After running some errands, Darlene professed a craving for a nice Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich at the best place to get such fare - Cafe Metro. Imagine our utter shock and dismay when we arrived to find it..... CLOSED! [hands flailing in the air] Like.... WTF! Where the heck are we supposed to go now for a good Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich? More to follow on that I guess.

Meanwhile, since we were kind of in the neighbourhood, I convinced Darlene we needed to go pay a visit to a restaurant on our list that we had heretofore been neglecting - Cravings Market Restaurant. I never lobbied to try this place quite simply because of its address. It's smack in the midst of an industrial area, ergo I didn't think it was open beyond normal business hours. Wrong!

Cravings Market Restaurant is a little different than a traditional eatery because you don't order from a menu. You're given a card (one per diner) and you make your rounds through the various food stations, ordering food as you go. Your card is swiped after each item is ordered, you return to your table and the food is brought to you when it's ready. At the end of the meal, you just go to the cashier and they tally your bill from what's on your card.

The stations include soups, salads, paninis, sandwiches, appetizers, rotisserie and grill items, a bar (alcohol), pizza and pasta, and a dessert and Starbucks cafe station. It's like having a bunch of mini-cafes in one place. Very cute. There were much better items on the menu, but I decided to try the vegetable spring rolls and honey garlic ribs while Darlene tried to finish the humongous chicken club. The next time, I want to try the bison stew. Or the pizza. Or the rotisserie roasted chicken. Or...... drool.

If you've heard of this new eating style called Churrascaria Brazilian BBQ, you might be pleased to know they have this on Friday nights.

Cravings is located at 7207 Fairmount Drive SE, not far from Chinook Mall.

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