Saturday, April 12, 2008

Big baby shower

I wasn't able to say anything about this until the event had passed, because... well, you'll see. My step daughter Lee-Anne came to Calgary for a visit - she had to burn off some vacation time before her maternity leave starts in 7 or so weeks. She thought she was just coming for a visit, but little did she know, Darlene was planning a surprise baby shower for her.

What is logistically difficult about this type of plan is that Lee-Anne doesn't live here, which means that she doesn't know anyone here. But Darlene's co-workers came through like troopers and showered the young lady with baby gifts nonetheless (no pun intended). Along with gifts that came from other relatives (thank you all), there was so much booty that it took Lee-Anne 2.5 hours to open everything. Now comes the task of trying to get everything to BC, where Lee-Anne lives. She took about 25% of it in the extra 2 suitcases we lent her. Some more is going with a relative who is flying there on Sunday. We may have to make a trip in May to deliver the rest.

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Carla said...

That is so awesome and thoughtful, congrats again.