Thursday, March 06, 2008

I drool in your general direction

I pose this to my readers:

Name the best hamburger; best hot dog; and best fries you've ever had (where you got it). Home-made doesn't count... it has to be bought from a food service outlet of some kind.

My answers:
Hamburger: Lick's Homeburger. Their Guk sauce (a secret condiment they use) is yummy. Lick's is a burger chain in Ontario (please come out West!).
Hot Dog: The Cheese Dog at Top Dog . Top Dog was a joint that used to exist on the main drag in Kingston, Ontario. They grilled all their dogs to perfection - well cooked but not burnt. They were all European style wieners, so their casings were crisp and they were nicely seasoned.
Fries: Rocky's Burger Bus in Calgary (who also have the 2nd best burger I've ever had).

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