Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Never a dull moment

A good friend at work tipped me off on a site that could potentially provide hours of entertainment. It's a blog that captures the best of Bozeman Montana police reports. A sampling:

A woman said a motorist tried to run her over at a crosswalk on North Rouse Avenue, though she told police that she didn’t think the driver really would have done it. The man, for his part, had revved his engine at the woman to tease her and didn’t know he’d frightened her. He apologized.

A deputy responded to a report of a naked person lying on the interstate near Manhattan. The deputy discovered that it was not a person. It was a blowup doll.

A woman on Bridger Drive intentionally walked over her boyfriend's new couch with muddy feet. She was cited for criminal mischief.

To the good people of Bozeman: We're not laughing at you..... we're laughing with you.

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Anonymous said...

No I have driven trhough there I'm laughing at them