Monday, February 11, 2008

How would she know?

A good friend (who shall remain nameless) was reminiscing with me about funny things our parents have said.

I was quoting my mother, who used to threaten to "sell us to the gypsies", which then reminded me that she used to describe an un-namable far away place as "East Gybip" (pronounced je-bip). You know............. as opposed to Timbuktu.

But my friend had a better quote. He said his mom once said that the stinkiest thing in the world was "a fart in a root beer bottle". Which begs the question........
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Bernie May said...

Cathie & I were talking about our parents sayings over dinner last night. She came out with "Lord love a duck!" at work the other day, and her co-worker asked where in Saskatchewan she came from. The co-worker then went on to guess Moose Jaw, which is where Cathie's parents were from.