Sunday, December 30, 2007

Big disappointment

In the last year we lost a restaurant that has been hit or miss - Luciano's. The chain was replaced by a new one - Redwater Grill. Another upscale entry in the market. The menu we saw online didn't really inspire us, but I finally convinced Darlene that we should check it out, especially since one of them is just a 3 minute drive from our house.

The decor is typical of new restaurants - lots of muted, dark colours and focused lighting. But on to the food. I ordered the Italian bacon and cheese gourmet pizza. It was very tasty. But Darlene's chicken fettuccine alfredo was awful. She said "Lipton Sidekicks would be better than this." I had to taste for myself and I agreed. It was tasteless, the sauce watery and flat. The pasta was undercooked.

What a shame. For a gourmet restaurant, they were a perilous 1 for 2. We haven't completely given up on this new place, but our next visit will have to be perfect for them to see us through their doors again.


Royce said...

Fer Gawds Sakes, a package of Bertolli chicken alfredo is six bucks in the stores here, cooks in ten minutes and tastes just as good as anything made in the restaurant. Maybe they should stick to pizza?

Anonymous said...

Should of had the Mclobster