Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mmmmm.... pie!

I like pie. All kinds of pie. But you knew that, right?

Today, while Darlene and I were downtown, we passed through Banker's Hall on our way back to the car and took a peek inside Sunterra Market. It's basically a gourmet grocery store chain with great home-made stuff in their bakery, deli and hot meal sections. I wanted to see what hot meal special they had and much to my joyful surprise, they had chicken pot pie. I had never tried theirs, but I suspected it would be good. So, with a little drool coming out the corner of my mouth, I convinced Darlene that I needed to have it for supper. The pies were hot, right out of the oven. It was all I could do not to eat it right there, let alone wait until supper time.

When I finally warmed it up and ate it, I was amazed. Real, huge pieces of chicken. Huge chunks of carrot and peas with a sauce that just did its job - to hold everything together. The crust was very flaky, almost like phyllo. It was the best chicken pot pie I've ever eaten.

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