Friday, September 28, 2007

My 9th MacBook Report - On the road with the Mac

I don't recall if I mentioned this before, but I decided to take the Macbook on my recent business trip to the UK.

The Macbook came through in spades on this trip. I was glad to discover that it fit in my old laptop carrying case with plenty of room to spare. My old HP laptop's battery performance is brutal (always has been), but the Macbook's battery was poised to last 4-5 hours. This really changed my attitude about using the laptop as I no longer felt like I needed to be near AC power like I had in the past. I didn't encounter any problems at all. I downloaded all my pictures from my camera for safekeeping. I kept my Palm backed up on the Macbook. I continued blogging as per usual. I was able to make last minute changes to my Microsoft presentations and other documents without issue. I used iTunes to listen to my music collection.

I realize that all of this is possible in Windows on my old laptop and that is precisely the point. My experiment was a success. All the things I needed to use a computer for on a daily basis were able to be replicated on the Mac without spending any money on software. I can't say that for my Windows laptop.

So now that I've had some time on the Mac, what did I conclude? That the Mac is just as good as a PC with Windows. In some ways it's better - the hardware and software just seem to work better as a team. The computer has features that are clever. The OS X interface seems more intuitive - but that is often a matter of personal choice. To be fair, using the Mac didn't make me think any less of Windows per se, I just see now why Mac users love their computers so much. I would have no trouble recommending a Mac to anyone. About the only thing I can think of in a bad way is the Mac's limited hardware choices and price (surely related to each other).

What I am quite curious to see is how long the thing will last...........

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