Sunday, September 02, 2007

Burger perfection.......... [drool]

With 48 hours until I leave for the UK and finding myself in the midst of the Labour Day long weekend, I felt obliged to take advantage of what could possibly be my last weekend suited to the task and undertake to BBQ a serious burger. I found my ingredients at the nearest Sobey's and set out to build a Labour Day masterpiece. The patty, pre-formed by the Sobey's butcher, had no fillers whatsoever - just pristine lean ground beef. Meanwhile Darlene caramelized a large onion (half of which she would use on her own steak sandwich). I had a huge patty. I would need to take this one slow. It took almost 25 minutes to cook to a well-done state (you can't be too careful with ground beef you know). When it was done, I slipped it into a fresh giant burger bun and loaded it up with those caramelized onions and a good dose of mustard and finished it off with 3 little slices of real marble cheddar. On the side, I opted for Miss Vickie's cheddar and red onion chips.

My friends - that was the most divine burger I've had in a long time.

Picture by slice

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