Sunday, August 12, 2007

A night with good friends

So last night we hosted another gathering of the Epcor gang (I like the sound of that). Terry, Scott, Heather, Andrea, Levi and Georgette came by. A big thank you to those who came. There was a lot of comparing notes about the courses and auditions and projects we were involved in. The conversation was rife with talk about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Heather announced that she's engaged and found a new job close to home. Georgette told us about her latest trip to Spain. Scott lamented about someone he has a crush on. Terry told us about his upcoming stint at Heritage Park and his trip to London. Andrea told us about how she met William Petersen in Rhode Island at one of his plays.

We even watched the first episode of the original (Brit) series The Office. Next thing I know, it's 1am and the crowd filed out pretty much all at once. Weird. Anyway, it was a great time. Next time it's my turn to host, I'm thinking about using up some comps and treating the Epcor gang to a free night at Loose Moose.

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