Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's not an AC/DC decal......

There's a battle going on in Calgary. City employees who want to show their support of the Canadian troops serving in Afghanistan have been told that they cannot affix decals to their city vehicles. For a while it was allowed, even encouraged, but that time was supposed to be temporary and now those who want to continue showing their support are being told they cannot.

I've had to think really long and hard about this issue, because it really opens up a can of worms. If we allow government vehicles to sport ribbons showing support for the troops, why not support for cancer research? Support for our Winter Olympians in 2010? See where I'm going with this? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there's no easy answer. I guess the question we should be asking ourselves is if we allow the troops decals, are other causes OK too? If they are not, that's a problem.

Anyone want to chime in here?


junebee said...

We have the same problem here with car license plates. There are plates available advocating choice (but none advocating abortion), nature conservation (but none advocating development), and various sports themes. It's getting ridiculous, there are like 100 license plates

junebee said...

The point is, no matter what the cause and how unpopular the opposite viewpoint, the government should give equal time for both sides.