Monday, August 20, 2007

A costume tip from Darlene

Thinking about getting a cool Halloween costume this year? Darlene highly recommends the ultimate online Halloween Costume store -

She has ordered costumes from this site 3 times over the last few years and found excellent quality and service. originally shipped to Canada for a reasonable shipping fee but it took up to three weeks to get the item as Canada Customs is a wild card when it comes to receiving parcels from the US. They eventually changed their shipping provider and the costs went up to $49 US to ship any item. Darlene sent a long letter to their customer service and they actually listened! They made arrangements for an alternate shipper just for us Canadians. They even have a special check out menu on their website for Canadians only.

The costumes are of great quality and they have all the accessories, makeup, wigs and shoes to make your costume the best. Try their slightly more expensive “Ultimate” costume line for those that want exceptional quality and fit. have all sizes for all ages! Now that they have changed shipping agents – the costumes are arriving in record time. But please – remember that Canada Customs is still the wild card and your costume CAN possibly take up to three weeks to get to you if it gets caught up at Customs.

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