Saturday, July 28, 2007

I could explode!

What an evening. Last night was my first night at Loose Moose as an 'insider'. Some things I learned:

  • Don't bother showing up early - the place is locked until almost pre-show class time.
  • You get to meet a lot of people during pre-show.
  • You play games with the company.
  • You sometimes meet or hear stories about famous people.
  • You can offer to perform with the company during pre-show.
  • After that, the teams (for Theatre Sports) are assembled.
  • Also, the other duties are filled (MC, judges, scorekeeper, etc.).

I know - you're asking, "Whoa dude! Why did you mention famous people? Who did you meet?" We had a guest teacher last night - improv guru Keith Johnstone. This guy invented many of the venue formats you see at Loose Moose.

I took the opportunity to shadow a few jobs for future reference. When the sign up sheet gets passed around, sometimes there's slim pickin's for what's available. I managed to get 2 usher positions in August, so if you go on the 3rd or 17th of August - it'll be me greeting you at the door.

Tonight, I'm officially shadowing the job of lighting the stage. I sat there last night, feeling like I had just been invited to the circus - backstage - in hopes of learning the craft and becoming one of them. It was totally exciting. Big shout out to Mandy, Brian, Sandy and Amy for accepting me into their group after meeting them on Tuesday night's orientation. It really helps to have a core group of friends you can talk to at Loose Moose.

Great days ahead.

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