Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'd call it 'The Work Station'

I found this article (check out the slide show) which presented an interesting business concept. You create co-working facilities where people who don't have a real offices can go to grab some desk space, connect to the internet, have a snack, hold a meeting, give a presentation, print or fax or copy stuff, potentially any time of the day or night. You'd be charged based on whether you need guaranteed access to a spot every day, or just a few days a week or month. Now this is a facility I'd like to run. It would be the perfect place for entrepreneurs to meet, get some work done and network with other people. Here's a YouTube video of a Canadian report of one such place in Vancouver - Workspace.

Mine would have a coffee, sandwich and dessert bar and lots of ambiance. I think I'd be tempted to set it up somewhere near the periphery of Calgary, because the point would be to make it so you didn't have to go downtown. McKenzie Towne maybe?

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