Saturday, January 27, 2007


Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the day Darlene and I met. If you believe in fate, you'll love this story.

We met at a party. Darlene was invited by the hostess, but couldn't find a babysitter and decided at the last minute to bring Lee-Anne along and put her to sleep in a bedroom at the house. The hostess intended to set Darlene up with a guy boarding at their house (someone I worked with). He was (as Darlene describes) an Aqua Velva reeking, gold chain wearing, shirt unbuttoned to the belly button slob. I wasn't much in the mood to go to this party either, but went at the last minute. Hours went by before I even paid much attention to Darlene, prompting the best ice breaker line I've ever gotten from another woman in my life - "Are you gay?"

The picture is from 1988.


Anonymous said...

She probably said that because you were so good looking. In other words, too good to be true.


junebee said...


Carla said...

awwwhhhh, that is so sweet!