Sunday, December 24, 2006

Off we went.............. into the mouth of the beast

Darlene and I did the unthinkable - we went to Calgary's biggest shopping mall on Christmas Eve. Why would we do such a thing? I guess we were feeling adventurous. Darlene was anxious to take advantage of an 80% off sale (women's clothing) at The Bay. We got there at 11am and it was dead.

While Darlene was sifting through racks of clothes, I decided to just do laps of the mall and people watch. I love people watching. Calgary has gotten very ethnic in the last decade or so, so there is much more to experience now than ever before. I get a kick out of traditional ethnic families. Fathers walking in front of the pack, barking orders or their disapproval to the rest of the family.

Speaking of families, Darlene witnessed a well to do family shopping for their child at one of those expensive toy shops. The child had found and was holding on for dear life to a huge rubber dinosaur. The family was trying to pay for the toy, but the child would not let the dinosaur out of its clutches. Any attempt at all was met with a shriek not heard since raptors roamed the earth. Darlene was joking that the only way this toy would be wrested from this child's grip was if they called in the zoo hands to sedate the kid with elephant tranquilizer. Heh................. that would be a sight to see......................

Incidentally, we left the mall at 1pm and it was still pretty quiet.


junebee said...

Is that the mall with the amusement park rides and the hotel in it? My dad was telling me about such a mall when he went to Alberta. (He drove from Pennsylvania, US, no less!)

Karl Plesz said...

No, you're thinking of the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta. Chinook Centre isn't quite as....... big, and it's in Calgary.

Pennsylvania no less? That is a long way. Probably took him 5 or 6 days to drive to Edmonton.