Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mash-ups are the new black

It's not often that I'm impressed with a remix of a song by a DJ. But the phenomenon that is sweeping world-class clubs, radio stations and personal mp3 collections, mash-ups, or bootlegs as they're also known has created a whole new genre of music. Clever DJs from around the world have discovered the art of using the vocals from one (or more) songs and adding it to the music (minus the vocals) of another song(s). What results is a unique remix of familiar tunes. Now I have to admit, it sounds like a recipe for disaster - and it can be. Not all mash-ups are great IMHO.

But I've discovered at least one mash-up artist whose works are greater than the sum of their parts. His name is Mark Vidler and his creations get the moniker Go Home Productions. I've added quite a few of his gems to my music collection.

Just Be Good to Paul mixes Let 'Em In with a great SOS Band tune. Rapture Riders is Jim Morrison singing over Rapture by Blondie (you won't believe how great it sounds). Rockin' Black is a clever AC/DC, Queen, Led Zeppelin mash-up. Marvin's Not In Love has Marvin Gaye crooning over the classic 10CC song I'm Not in Love, before morphing into a high tempo toe tapper.

My favourite is called Wrapped Detective. Picture this: The music from Elvis Costello's Watching the Detectives and Lionel Ritchie's Hello is the canvas, The Police's vocals from Wrapped Around Your Finger is the paint. At least, it is at first. Further into the tune, you'll hear snippets of Peggy Lee, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and more.

This guy is a genius. Unfortunately, his music is no longer available on a web site to the public. You have to sign up for the newsletter (site has moved) to get access to new material. But his older stuff is or should be available on CD now that he's hit the big time.


Julie said...

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Karl Plesz said...

Hi Julie. Long time. Well, I never had an "at" address so I don't know. Thanks for dropping in and maybe send me your email address. I didn't see it on your site.