Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hands down the funniest scene in TV history

(Kramer casually enters, takes a few step toward the kitchen, and slaps a wad of bills onto the counter)
KRAMER: I'm out! (Kramer now has the attention of everyone in the room. Jerry's mouth is open in shock. A moment passes)
ELAINE: What?!
KRAMER: Yeah, I'm out - I'm out of the contest.
GEORGE: You're out?!
KRAMER: Yeah, yeah.. (Notes their reactions) what?
ELAINE: Well, that was fast!
JERRY: Well, it was that woman across the street.
KRAMER:(To Jerry) You know, you better be careful, buddy. She's gonna get you next. (Walks out, shutting the door behind him)
(Jerry, Elaine, and George all look at each other, reflecting)
ELAINE: ..And then there were three.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100 percent...too funny.


Blog-o-licious said...

THAT is by FAR my favourite episode. In fact, I use that phrase when we are eating dinner and I've had enough. hee hee