Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Awww............ poor l'il TV networks.....

I've been reading lately that the TV networks are none too happy about the ever-increasing phenomenon of Tivo and other PVRs (digital versions of your old VCR - but based on a hard drive). This is because viewers are now habitually skipping the ads. The PVR makes it quite easy to do. Networks are planning inventive (and annoying) ways to counter this ability. I say it's just another example of the entertainment industry not getting with the times. I even have a solution for them. They've probably already thought of it - so I'll present my idea as a prediction instead.

Product placement. They already do it in movies. If you haven't noticed, you haven't been paying attention. I say just start using product placement on TV, but take it to the next level - get the actors in on it too. Think about it. Dr House is insulting his latest patient, then he chides them with the line, "Here's a prescription for some Tylenol. I'd give you Advil, but it's too easy to swallow...." Or Horatio from CSI Miami ripping his trademark shades off his face and stating, "Only Oakley's for this face mister..." All kidding aside, it's a natural evolution - ditch the commercials - have the TV actors do the endorsements instead.

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Midget Movies said...

Now they'll be putting decals on the actual TV set when you buy it - "This TV Sponsored by Miller Lite"