Sunday, February 19, 2006

What are ya.............. stoopid?

Dear Canadian family who found a camera in Hawaii and decided to keep it because your kid 'likes it',

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Your selfishness is now going to be plastered all over the Internet, which may end up motivating the mainstream media to run with the story. The owner of the camera offered you one fair deal after another but you couldn't even honour your end of the bargain. 'You're lucky we sent you anything at all'. Shame on you! If you had no intentions of returning the camera, why on earth did you report finding it in the first place? Once you commit to an action, you really should follow through, eh? Will your son be upset if he loses his precious camera? Of course he will. Life is full of ups and downs. If the only way you can show him that life has some good luck in it is to unlawfully keep someone's expensive camera after letting the owner know you have it - then you are seriously unfit to raise a child.

Oh - and way to make Canada look bad, eh?

Man alive!

P.S.: This better be a true story, or I wasted a perfectly good rant on nothing....

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