Saturday, February 04, 2006

Home-made turkey stuffing the cheaters' way

I loves my stuffing (or dressing, as some people call it). But a good home-made stuffing is a lot of work and calls for very specific spices (expensive). Now there's an easier way. Your favourite stuffing-in-a-box comes with all the spices you'll ever need. You can even mix and match different types until you find a combination you like best. Break up some fresh bread into small pieces, saute some onion and lots of butter, mix it all together with the contents of the spice pouches and voila. I mix mine by shaking it in a big plastic container with a lid. Add any other fave ingredient you like. It's easy, and it tastes like mom used to make.

[edit] Just for fun, I decided to try something other than white bread. I used a dark, multi-grain bread instead and it was very good.

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Anonymous said...

You mean it tastes like Stove Top? LOLOL!! Hooo. Sorry, Mom. haha -Heidi