Friday, November 25, 2005

That's what friends are for.....

Before you read this post, scroll down and read the next one first. No - really.

So when Darlene and I got married, we had a nice private reception at the bar of the hotel we were staying at. About halfway through the night, my best man David Devlin gets the mic from the DJ and asks the crowd to listen up. Then he proceeds to tell them about a little surprise he has saved up for many years waiting for this moment. Then a song starts to play on the sound system. It's Every Breath You Take by The Police. Only it's sung by me. It's the missing tape - from Sing Your Heart Out.

David - if you're out there - I want that bloody tape!

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Incommunicado aka Max said...

That's really sweet of your friend. What a wonderful surprise! :)